Explanation of House Coupons - Another


House Coupons exist to define a purchase requirement and a discount. They were originally implemented as barcoded coupons. EVERYTHING built on top of them is just alternatives to using barcodes. The coupon requirements and value are always defined in the core_op/opdata.houseCoupons and core_op/opdata.houseCouponItems tables. The latter is only used when the coupon applies to particular items; if it applies to the entire transaction no houseCouponItems need to be specified. What the coupon does is always defined in houseCoupons; the other related tables (?) give the cashier alternate entry methods.

Virtual coupons, core_op/opdata.houseVirtualCoupons, associate a coupon ID (houseCoupons.coupID) with a membership. They are a good fit for a monthly or quarterly coupon where each individual member gets to decide when they're using their coupon. This individual decision means it's going to be an extra step for the cashier, and the member has to say when they want to use the coupon.

Auto coupons is a list of coupon IDs that will be applied to every applicable transaction. The basic requirements in houseCoupons still apply - e.g., member only, expiration date, any minimum purchase, etc - but it's automatically added when the cashier subtotals.
The API here is TotalActions and it shows up on the lane install's Extras tab under "Subtotal Settings".

In all cases, the actual transaction records are going to be UPC prefix 4, manufacturer code 99999, and then coupon ID. So the first coupon is 49999900001. The auto and virtual options should be functionally identical to scanning or keying that barcode.



Terms and options

The simple ones

Discount type

Minimum Type

The bulk of features are here. The settings for minimum purchase dictate which kinds of discounts can be applied. Many of these have similar options for at least and more than. The usage is the same for all of them and affects how the minimum is applied. E.g., if a soda coupon requires a quantity of at least 2, then purchasing 2 sodas is enough to use the coupon. On the other hand, if the requirement was a quantity of more than 2, then 3 (or more) soda purchases would be needed.