View: dlog_90_view

    tdate datetime
    register_no int
    emp_no int
    trans_no int
    upc varchar
    trans_type varchar
    trans_subtype varchar
    trans_status varchar
    department int
    quantity double
    unitPrice dbms currency
    total dbms currency
    tax int
    foodstamp int
    ItemQtty double
    card_no int
    trans_id int
    pos_row_id int
    store_row_id int
    trans_num varchar

Depends on:
    transarchive (table)

This view applies the same restrictions
as dlog but to the table transarchive.
With WFC's dayend polling, transarchive
contains transaction entries from the past
90 days, hence the name of this view.
For queries in the given time frame, using
the view can be faster or simpler than