Table: meminfo

    card_no int
    last_name varchar
    first_name varchar
    othlast_name varchar
    othfirst_name varchar
    street varchar
    city varchar
    state varchar
    zip varchar 10
    phone varchar
    email_1 varchar
    email_2 varchar
    ads_OK tinyint

Depends on:
    custdata (table)

This table has contact information for a member,
i.e. it extends custdata on card_no.
See also: memContact.

Usage doesn't have to match mine (AT). The member section of
fannie should be modular enough to support alternate
usage of some fields.

card_no key to custdata and other customer tables.

- street varchar 255
- city
- state
- zip
- phone
  long enough to include extension but don't put more than
  one number in it.

The name fields are for two different people.
This approach will work if your co-op allows only
1 or 2 people per membership, but custdata can hold
the same information in a more future-proof way,
i.e. support any number of people per membership,
so better to not use them in favour of custdata.

- email_1 for email
- email_2 for second phone

- ads_OK EL: Perhaps: flag for whether OK to send ads.
  Don't know whether implemented for this or any purpose.

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26Jun12 EL Reformatted and rephrased Use section
           Added zip to columns list
           Added note about ads_OK
epoch   AT Original notes by Andy Theuninck.