Andy's Fannie Authentication Module

This collection of functions authenticates 
users and assigns them privileges either
individually or in groups. Authentication can
be done via SQL, *nix shadow passwords, or
LDAP. Privileges are always stored in SQL so
the database tables are required. See
$FANNIE/auth/doc/ for table structure & API.

      Disabling Authentication

Not everyone wants or needs authentication.
To bypass all authentication checking,
create this file:

Content of the file is irrelevant.
Removing read permission from 
$FANNIE/auth/ui/ is probably a good idea
from a security standpoint.

     Installation / Setup
See $IS4C/documentation/Fannie/developer/auth.html
 for a possibly different procedure.
1. Create a file $FANNIE/auth/init.php
   This gives you all options without logging in.
2. Go to $FANNIE/auth/ui/menu.php and create
   a new [SQL] user. Because you're in the
   init mode, the necessary tables are created
3. Give your user the authorization "Admin"
   (with subs "all" and "all"). Admin users
   can create other users, groups, and alter
4. Delete $FANNIE/auth/init.php. Authentication
   is now enforced; create other users with
   your admin user as needed.

OPTIONAL: Add *nix shadow authentication
5. cd $FANNIE/auth/shadowread
   sudo make install

OPTIONAL: Add LDAP authentication
6. Edit the setup variables in ldap_login()
   in login.php. You have to declare where
   your LDAP host is and how the data is 
   layed out, essentially. The defaults
   will probably work with openldap's defaults.