Creating new reports

Eventually a time will come when you need a different sort of report beyond what Fannie provides out of the box. If that time comes before you've learned any PHP and/or HTML, that's okay. Glance over the table & view docs if needed and get somebody who speaks SQL. Yourself, another staffer, a kidnapped consultant, whatever.

Head over to Fannie's report generator (fannie/reports/DBA/ if you're reading this elsewhere). Put your query in the big box. There's some keyword scrubbing to prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot, but don't go trying to create a disaster. If you're querying transaction data and you provide dates (or just a start date), the tool will automatically replace dlog and/or dtransactions with appropriate references to the archive structure. This is entirely optional; you can type references to archive tables and views manually, too.

Default output is a webpage. Check the download results box to get a spreadsheet instead. Some newer versions of Excel complain that the file isn't really in correct XLS format, but they can still open it.

If you're going to run a report often, you can save it by putting a name in the Save As field.