Vendor Pricing

Revised: 3Dec2013

Create a Price Change Batch

Go to the Vendor Pricing menu via Fannie's menu (Sales Batches => Vendor Pricing) and choose Create Price Change Batch. Select the vendor and optionally super department. All is fine if you aren't using super departments. The default value, No, for Show All Items excludes everything where the current POS price matches the calculated SRP. Click Continue.

A price change batch is created immediately. Its name is listed at the top of the page. If you return to this tool on the same day, it will just resume editing that same batch.

Green rows show items where current margin exceeds desired margin. Red rows show items where current margin is below desired margin. White rows show items marked in the Var column. This is for marking items that purposely ignore normal margin.

Clicking Add will put that item into the price change batch with the listed SRP. You can also adjust the calculated SRPs by click on them. Click Del to remove an item from the price change batch if it was added by mistake.

Print Shelf Tags

Shelf tags that correspond with the price change batch are created automatically. Go to Admin => Print Shelf Tags via Fannie's menu to access them. If you selected a super department the tags will be listed under that super department. Otherwise they will be in the "Misc" set.

Apply new prices

Go to the batch tool (Sales Batches in Fannie's left hand menu) and either manually force your price change batch or give it a start date for a later, automated application.

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