Import Vendor Pricing

Revised: 4Jan2014

This document discusses how to import spreadsheets of vendor pricing info.

Step 1: Create Vendor(s)

To import vendor information, you need vendors. Select Item Maintenance => Manage Vendors from Fannie's left hand menu. In the drop down, choose New vendor... and give the vendor a name.

You can optionally enter a vendor's department scheme (e.g., UNFI's categories). This may be used support vendor-specific margins. See Calculating SRPs below.

You can upload vendor CSVs here using the Update catalog link. Custom import tools can be used to enforce special or location-specific logic for a vendor. Custom tools are accessible via Sales Batches => Vendor Pricing then choose Upload a price sheet.

Step 2: Change the spreadsheet to a CSV

Very large files proces most reliably as CSV and vendor catalogs can be very large. Open the file, and use Save As to change the format to CSV (if you get more than one CSV option, look for one mentioning Windows to get correct line-endings). If the file is larger than a couple MBs, you may need to compress it to avoid upload limits. Use the utility of your choose to zip it.

After selecting the file, you'll see a preview of the first five rows of data with drop down boxes to indicate what kind of data the different columns contain. The following fields are required: UPC, Description, Case Qty, Case Cost*. The Brand, SKU, SRP, and Unit Size fields are optional. SRP and Cost fields may include dollar signs. UPCs may contain spaces and dashes. If UPCs in the spreadsheet include check digits, make sure the Remove Check Digits box is checked.

* If a vendor only provides unit cost and no case information, you can add a column containing ones to use as Case Qty.

Step 3: Upload the file

Select Sales Batches => Vendor Pricing from Fannie's left hand menu. On the next page choose Upload Price Sheet. Choose the correct vendor or custom tool, then upload your CSV (or zipped CSV).

This upload can take a long time. Like 10-15 minutes. Part of this is weird voodoo to avoid memory/CPU limits on old hardware, and part of it is dealing with partial pricing files. Many vendors only include changed items in the file; updating items one at a time rather than dumping all info and rebuilding essentially doubles execution time.

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