updated as of: March 31, 2015
last author: Andy Theuninck
The latest documentation can be found on the Project Wiki. The information below may be out of date.
This is more of a state of tools report than proper end-user documentation at this point.

Co+op Deals

This ought to work most places. The first option, Upload Price File, just takes a co-op deals flyer saved as a CSV. You may need to delete some of the column titles in the first row. Multi-line values produce malformed CSVs with some spreadsheet tools.

After uploading the CSV, you'll see a preview of the first few rows. On this screen, select which column contains an appropriate value. UPC and Sale Price are most important.

The other option, Review & create lists Co+op Deals items that exist in POS and has fields for start/end dates to generate batches containing all the appropriate items. The main snag is this depends on super departments. Creating a single super department that encompasses all departments would be sufficient to make this work (producing one big Deals batch).

Vendor Pricing

This one takes a vendor pricing CSV and updates item costs. Vendor spreadsheets don't conform to any sort of standard, so there's typically a separate PHP script for each vendor (in some cases, there may be more than one if different stores want to import a particular catalog differently). You can choose which script to use for a given vendor from the vendor create/edit tool.