updated as of: December 5, 2013
last author: Andy Theuninck

User Authentication

Fannie includes an option for user authentication. When this is enabled, various tools with require a username and password. This is disabled by default. To enable it, go to the Authentication tab on Fannie's install/config page and set Authentication Enabled to Yes.

If this is your first time using Fannie's user accounts, you will be to enter a password for the first user who is named admin. You must have at least one user with the admin permission to create additional accounts or groups. Do not delete the account named admin unless you have granted that permission to another user or group.


Fannie's user system is oriented around permissions or authorization classes. Rather than a tiered system where higher levels have access to a wider and wider set of features, a user is granted permission to access a specific tool or toolset. For example, one user may be allowed to edit items and another may be allowed to edit member accounts. Neither has a higher level of access; they just have access to different tools.


Users may be arranged into groups. Permissions can be assigned to a group rather than to each individual user. Be aware that a group must have at least one user; deleting all the users from a group will also delete the group itself. Fannie's sample data includes a set of default groups for common roles. The first user named admin is automatically a member of all these groups as a placeholder. Default groups are:

Advanced Options

Fannie can authenticate against other sources to re-use existing user accounts. There are currently two options: