updated as of: March 30, 2015
last author: Andy Theuninck
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A framework needs some rules. I hate rules, so let's keep this short. I think we can share code if everyone can live with just two requirements.

One configuration

Let's all agree on one configuration file. I say it should be config.php and it should live at the root of fannie. The upside is every script needs just one relative include; variables in the config then fill in the rest of what you need. This lets fannie sit in subdirectories and lets any given tool/report find the top of fannie, regardless of whose store it's running at.

Database Best Practices

This is the hard part. Ideally, we'd all keep the same schema. With a little caution, I think we can at least have scripts that degrade gracefully when the underlying structure changes. These are not meant as permanent solutions; there practices should merely streamline schema changes and make them less disruptive. Ideas: